Mobile Consulting

Today mobile messaging is high in the priority of CIO and that is the reason more and more companies are seeking tight integration of messaging capabilities with their ERPs and CRMs.


Mobile Consulting 

While manufacturing companies have been using the mobile messaging services for supply chain and dealer management, companies in Banking, financial Services and Insurance domain have been primarily using for operations and CRM purposes.

Keeping in view the intricacy in usage of mobile messaging in various business functions, URBAN IT has decided to launch a mobile consulting division for the benefit of enterprises. The consulting division has already come up with the useful concept notes focused on verticals and functions where mobile messaging can be used.

The domain expertise of URBAN IT covers the following aspects:

  • How can organizations use mobile as a medium to generate alternate revenue streams?
  • How can organizations use mobile as a medium to generate cost and operational efficiencies?
  • Which mobile channel (SMS, MMS, GPRS, USSD etc.) should an organization use to attain maximum benefit?

Anyone from any function or industry can write to URBAN IT mentioning critical areas in business and URBAN IT consulting will respond by providing a mobile messaging solution to it.

With a rich experience of dealing with over100 customers in multiple countries and technical expertise of more than 15 years in telecommunications industry, URBAN IT helps organizations in Business process re-engineering using mobile messaging.

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