Mobile Marketing

URBAN IT can help enterprises leverage the high growth in the mobile market by running an end-to-end mobile campaign.


Mobile Marketing 

URBAN IT can leverage its bouquet of products and services (Short code, Push SMS, Bluetooth, Barcoded SMS) to provide a custom mobile marketing solution specific to the needs of the organization.


  • For a new product launch and sales promotion.
  • For running contests and issuing mobile coupons.
  • Thematic Ad based Promotions.
  • Conducting market research.
  • For taking feedback from the consumer.


  • It is significantly cheaper than other media.
  • It is interactive and it is possible to engage the consumer in a dialogue.
  • Greater reach with over 100 million mobile subscribers in Kenya.
  • Mobile advertising can be targeted and personal.
  • It is viral and the fun factor allows for epidemic phenomenon.
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